Knowledge economy and Auginte platform

Auginte platform is a group of tools for various knowledge / analysis related activities. While Zooming based organizers are intended for individual use, there is still a gap for improvement in information and experience collaboration.

Current knowledge economy uses sell-information-as-a-product, sell-information-as-a-time, patents, advertisement and author-awareness as a business models. But does it feel sufficient? Auginte tries to fill this gap with more / better tools.

In Knowledge economy, information is a first class citizen and the material for a added value. But just taking some standard Document / Content Management System and naming it Knowledge management does not add value. It needs new core ideas.

Auginte tools for Knowledge economy is aiming at 2 problems:

  1. There are too much of same or similar information, as a result, gathering of information is more about filtering duplicates, rather than learning and understanding new content. Therefore, Auginte tools are based on idea: augment, not copy
  2. Innovation or unique ideas usually are a sum of old ones. There are too much time spent in fighting, who is the real author of idea, who stole from who and what became general knowledge. With better infrastructure this time could be used for new research and new product generation. Therefor, Auginte tools are based on idea: give a credit to all, who helped you. If there will be easier way to solve conflicts and for both sides to gain value – scientific progress would be much faster.

Auginte part of Knowledge economy tools are currently in development.

How Auginte Knowledge economy will work

Join Auginte Knowledge Economy Describe authorship Get a credit from own and deviated work Search for reusable content High value content faster Add to your website: (C) Your Name under Auginte License Save metadata, what content was written by you and what other sources you used Search Auginte Knowledge Management database for related content Auginte helps connect end-users with authors and influences of the content Augment existing content and make end-users happy of final result. Let them give a credit to you and other contributors

For example, adding code like this:

&copy; Aurelijus Banelis under <a rel="license" href="">Auginte license</a>

Will be enough, as users could click on license link and found more information about author, contributors and ways to give a credit.

For most cases, licensed content could be found from the referrer field, which is sent, when clicking on the link.