Auginte License 0.1

1. Definitions

Content - intellectual property, which permissions was granted by this license.

New content - copy or derivate work of original content.

Contributor - person, whose content was copied or used in newly created work.

End-user - person, who is viewing or using new content.

Infrastructure - software and data needed to track authors and deviation of content.

2. Permissions

2.1. Permission is granted to reuse in all ways possible free of change, subject to following conditions.

3. Conditions

3.1. Information about contributors must be visible to the end-user. If not provided on same page, list of contributors must accessible via link named "contributors", "authors", "license" or similar.

3.2. When selling new content, end-user decides, which part of payment goes to owner, contributors and infrastructure.

3.3. When getting revenue from using new content, revenue must be shared with contributors (at least 1%) and infrastructure (at least 0.1%). Transfer must be made not later than one year after profit was made.

4. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

4.1. Content is provided on an "as-is" basis, use content on your own risk. Authors and contributors are not liable for any damage related to the use of this content.

5. Conflicts and claims for copyright

5.1. End-user can claim author rights for new content. It is recommended to solve conflicts by adding end-user as a contributor.

5.2. If parties still can not agree, owner should make new content not publicly available.

5.3. Other conflicts should be solved according to local and international laws.

6. Updates and termination

6.1. New version of license does not affect content gained with old license.
It is recommended to use latest version of license.
New version of this license will be published on website.

6.3. Author and end-user can terminate this license, if agreed for a different terms of usage.